Logistics Information

Warped to Brave Move Planning

Over the next bit, the corporation will be moving from Warped space in Immensea to Brave spaces in Impass and Catch. Here is the breakdown of what is needed in order to get assets moved.

Catch – Pvp Assets

Moving from CJNF to Catch is relatively easy. Because rigs on ships delete when you repackage ships, all moves from CNJF should use the Ansiblex system to ZXIC.

Impass – Industry and Krabbing Assets

We do have a couple Jump Freighters moving assets between CJNF and PZMA, however when possible…things in CJNF should be sold. This is critical for ship sizes of Battlecruiser and Battleships because of the space they require even when packaged up.

To create a move contract:

Create a “Courier” contract from CNJF