The Galloglas Corporation is the main pvp branch of our groups. Due to the mechanics of wardec and Alliance engagements, their entire existence generally sits within the realm of null space.

While most of the players in Galloglas are well skilled in terms of experience, we welcome new players interested in learning the pvp side of EVE. This is done by providing engagements of our players in Corp and Alliance fleets. Alongside regular gate camping and area defence, there is never a shortage of content opportunities.

We accept a “kitchen sink” style of pvp, where players can try out and adjust different fits that opens up an entire game of ships to them. While we do have standard doctrines, during fun fleets and camps we encourage people to learn the game and how to adjust fits to their experience and enjoyment in the game.

Our corp has one rule that all players must abide by. “Don’t be a dick”.

If you would like to join the Galloglas, please feel free to contact Tor Manx or Red Carbone in-game.