Galloglas Industries

Galloglas Industries Corporation is the support unit for the Galloglas. The goal of this group is to provide materials and logistics for the Galloglas group of players (both Galloglas and Galloglas Industries).

Based in both high-sec and nullsec, this group has access to all of Legacy space (a large number of the regions on the South side of the EVE map. Travel within this group is much simpler as they are not directly linked with the Brave Coalition alliance that the Galloglas PVP corp belongs to.

Industry and logistics are a huge part of any group. This division of corporations simply allows product and people to move differently within the game. Both Galloglas and Galloglas Industries hold equally important roles within our player base.

Another advantage to Galloglas Industries over the Galloglas pvp group, is that it is a great place for newer players to enter the game and play with purpose. Both alpha and omega players are welcome, and the need for higher skill points is relaxed.

Advantages to Galloglas Industries

  • You are exempted from the Brave Coalition wardec’s. Allowing easier movement through both high sec and null
  • Direct access to all Legacy Coalition stations for market access
  • Access to Brave Coalition space for valuable PI assets
  • Safer ratting and mining experience for newer players to learn
  • Easy sales of some products with a buy back program intended for null sales