If you’re interested in joining one of the Galloglas Corporations or want more information about the corporations, please feel free to contact Tor Manx or Red Carbone in game!

The Galloglas Corporations consist of two groups that are considered as equals. Galloglas Industries is a natural home for players wanting to play the game in Empire space, yet experience null space gradually. The main Galloglas are a group of players who live primarily in null space, and participate in Alliance and Coalition opportunities both in industry and combat.

If you are interested in joining either of our corporations and help us grow, there are some simple things you can do in preparation to talking with one of our recruiters. Below are a list of things to prepare.

  • Fill out and share your character information with ESI Knife:
  • Contact either Tor Manx or Red Carbone in-game to see which corporation fits your needs best
  • Apply to one of the Corporations and start having fun!