The Galloglas Corporations were created to allow a group of friends to get together on occasion and enjoy the EVE Online Universe.

While most of our players have a great deal of game experience, we always welcome opportunities to play alongside all players regardless of their skill points or time spent in the game.

The Galloglas is formed of two Corporations. The main Galloglas crew will be primarily tasked with combat, while the Galloglas Industries Corporation will be a supportive mining, production and logistics group.


Eve Core Skills

Eve Core Skills Primary skills:• Engineering – 5% extra ship power grid per level.• Electronics – 5% extra ship CPU per level.• Energy Management – 5% extra ship capacitor capacity per level.• Shield Management – 5% extra shield capacity per level.• Hull Upgrades – 5% extra armor per level.• Mechanics – 5% extra hull structure …